Recent Events 

Recent meetings for NEVA members:

Jan 9th – Jenny Hull - Goats are a little different and require a little a bit of extra knowledge. But working with goat keepers be it small holders or bigger herds can be very rewarding. With only 9 veterinary medicines actually licenced for goats in the UK (one of those been water for injection), many drugs are used off-licence.This talk aims to be a very simple guide to goat veterinary medicine for the practitioner covering the common problems such as worms, Johnes, cocci, mange, lice and disbudding. The tips and tricks have been developed over time in practice working with smallholders and bigger commercial herds.

Jan 16th - Penny Watson - An update on liver and pancreas disease in cats: hepatitis, pancreatitis or triaditis? - with a keen interest in all things heppatic and pancreatic in dogs and cats our speaker is also taught a number of our council how to vet and we can attest to her engaging delivery :) a topic those of us in small animal practice will come across with regularlity there are few oppurtuinties to hear such up to date understanding on this topic!

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